IMPART Expertise draws on the strengths of our four partner universities to bring together the very best in Intelligent Mobility research. Working with the Transport Systems Catapult we specialise in five key areas of research. Use the links to find out more about our academic expertise including contact details for our academics.

Data Exploitation

Data ExploitationThe increasing amounts of data at our fingertips is one of the key drivers behind the advancements in Intelligent Mobility. It enables us to develop increasingly sophisticated predictive tools, provide better information for travellers and enables the advancement of technology and business models that will enable a progressive mobility service provision. We have more data than ever before from a whole range of existing and developing sources, yet extracting meaning from that data in a way that can provide real impact remains a challenge. IMPART partners are actively involved in developing a data driven approach to transport issues which will significantly change the way people travel and offer scope to build very powerful consumer behaviour datasets that exploit demand for the movement of people and things.

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Modelling and Visualisation

shutterstock_70660105The transport modelling world being envisaged is one where data is exchanged seamlessly between people, vehicles and infrastructure. The large, emerging Intelligent Mobility market needs new, innovative modelling to fully reach its potential. Modelling extends to topics such as working with data in real time, simulating synthetic environments and modelling human behaviour and interactions.

We look at the design, build and management of planning tools, real time linkages and simulation systems. These can be used to test and evaluate alternative system management methodologies and to examine alternative future supply and demand scenarios to improve system efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Customer Experienceshutterstock_301040654

The development of Intelligent Mobility is characterised by the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people and goods.  The UK is in a strong position to be a global leader in Mobility as a Service (MaSS). Our researchers are at the forefront of delivering an Intelligent Mobility strategy for the UK which will utilise emerging technologies to enable user-focused, integrated, efficient and sustainable transport systems focused on meeting the needs of travellers in the UK. The Customer Experience of travelling must therefore focus on a multi-modal and end to end approach to ensure we can meet the ever increasing demands for mobility.

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Autonomous Transport Systemsshutterstock_346945877

The existing and potential applications for autonomous transport systems pose exciting opportunities for industry and academia alike. Alongside the much publicised driver-less car it also refers to a broader autonomous and intelligent system including robotics and where data acquired by a sensing or monitoring capability is utilised as part of the overall autonomous decision-making process. In addition our academic expertise also looks at the connected vehicle, connected infrastructure and the human interactions with this growing technology. The UK is striving to be a world leader in this field and the market for autonomous system is likely to grow exponentially as we discover more applications for them.

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Cyber Security

In transportation, new technology is creating incredible opportunities to improve the safety and efficiency of our vehicles and highways.  However, new technologies and growing connectivity also represent new challenges, particularly in the area of security.

Our transport cyber security experts look at meeting critical assurance requirements, maintaining transportation systems that ensure the preservation of human safety, the environment, critical economic infrastructure, the viability of commerce and maintenance of personal privacy

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