Microsimulation for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Workshop

Monday 12th June 2017

From 10:00 to 16:00 on 12th June 2017

Loughborough University   


It is expected that in the future connected and autonomous vehicles will impact the way people travel and the way goods are transported across the globe. However there is only limited understanding about their real effect on traffic and what their technological performance will be in regards to safety, capability, and the consequences to the environment. This workshop will explore how the academic community is seeking to model autonomous vehicles and their impact on a wide range of issues from accessibility to road traffic.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for researchers and PhD students working on Intelligent Mobility, autonomous vehicles (AV) and connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) to present their work, share their experiences and hear about the research work being carried out in several other research groups/universities. This is an opportunity to discuss modelling and research approaches as well as new ideas for intelligent mobility.

Specifically, the workshop will:

This workshop is completely free, including refreshments and lunch.


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