Academic & PhD Placements

Current Placements

Siraj_storyDr. Siraj Sheikh

Reader in Cyber Security, Coventry University

Topic: ‘Cyber Security in Intelligent¬†Mobility’

Working with James Gleave in the TSC Customer Experience Business Unit

Email: aa8135@coventry.ac.uk

richardRichard Barrett

Associate Head of Industrial design & Automotive design, Coventry University

Topic: ‘Customer journey mapping’

Working with Yanqing Chi in the TSC in the Customer Experience Business Unit.

Email: r.l.barrett@coventry.ac.uk

olivier-haas-editDr. Olivier Hass

Reader in applied Computer Systems, Coventry University

Topic: ‘How to achieve detailed simulation models in SUMO’

Working with TSC in the Modelling and visualisation Business Unit.

Email: Olivier.Hass@coventry.ac.uk

Completed Placements


Greg Albiston

PhD student, Nottingham Trent University

Topic: ‘Traffic simulation using SUMO modelling’

Working with Patrzia Franco in the TSC Information Exploitation Business Unit.

Email: gregory.albiston@ntu.ac.uk

Read more about Greg’s Utilising Ordnance Survey Map Data with SUMO Traffic Simulator¬†project.

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