IMPART Expertise in Autonomous Transport Systems 

IMPART has a large number of academics working in the field of data Exploitation from across our four partner Universities. This table will give you more information and contact details for the key people in this area. If you are not sure who would be the most appropriate person for your query, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant people.
Pete Thomas Professor Loughborough Road and Vehicle Safety p.d.thomas@lboro.ac.uk 01509226931
Professor Roy Kalawsky Director Loughborough Virtual Engineering r.s.kalawsky@lboro.ac.uk 01509635678
Andrew Morris Professor Loughborough Human Factors in Transport safety a.p.morris@lboro.ac.uk 01509226981
Qinggang Meng Senior Lecturer Loughborough Robot learning and adaptation Q.Meng@lboro.ac.uk 01509635676
Andrea Soltoggio Lecturer Loughborough Neuro-robotics A.Soltoggio@lboro.ac.uk 01509635748
Wen-Hua Chen Professor Loughborough Autonomous Vehicles w.chen@lboro.ac.uk 01509227230
Cyriel Diels Senior Lecturer Coventry Automotive and Transportation Human Factors ab3566@coventry.ac.uk 02477657688
Stratis Kanarachos Senior Lecturer Coventry Mechanical, Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering ab8522@coventry.ac.uk 02477657688
Chris Johnson Senior Research Fellow Coventry Automotive and product Design arx205@coventry.ac.uk 02477657688
Dale Richards Senior Research Fellow Coventry Human Factors dale.richards@coventry.ac.uk 02477657688
Don Harris Professor Coventry Aerospace, Electrical and Electronic Engineering don.harris@coventry.ac.uk 02477657688
Siraj Shaikh Reader Coventry Cyber Security aa8135@coventry.ac.uk 02477657688
Alex Stedmon Reader Coventry Human Factors alex.stedmon@coventry.ac.uk 02477657688
Leandros Maglaras Lecturer De Montfort Cyber Security Leandros.maglaras@dmu.ac.uk 01162078483
Daniel Paluszczyszyn Research Fellow De Montfort Intelligent Transport Systems paluszcol@dmu.ac.uk 01162078939
Rupert Gammon Senior Research Fellow De Montfort Energy and Sustainable Development rgammon@dmu.ac.uk 01162577877
Evtim Peytchev Reader Nottingham Trent Computing and Technology evtim.peytchev@ntu.ac.uk 01158488371

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